Vogler Jazz Bar

Vogler Jazz Bar Munich

What is it?

One of only three or four jazz venues in Munich. Bar the Bayerischer Hof, the most centrally located and perhaps the easiest jazz venue to walk in and try out without having to spend too much money or indeed know too much about Jazz.

The joint is run by one Thomas Vogler, pretty much single handed. It’s a sizable venue, yet he often is the only member of staff. This looks like hard work and requires impressive memory and calmness skills. He radiates an air of one who is not going to be rushed. If you want a drink, you will have to wait your turn.

The quality of the musicians on stage is very varied. Can be great, but not always. When the big names come to Munich they play at the Unterfahrt.

What are the drinks like. How expensive are they?

Spaten beer is not everybody’s favourite. I don’t mind it myself and it is reasonably priced (around the 4 euro mark). Yet to try the Gin and Tonics, but will update this post when I have. Remember that there is always a cover charge to add to your drinks bill at the end of the night (typically between 2 and 6 euro).

What’s it like inside?

Nice. Pleasant. Relaxed. Dim lighting. It’s a good place to take a date as you often feel like you have to lean in and whisper so as not to interrupt the music. There’s a nice long bar to prop up which is always a big plus in my book, although the sound quality is much better in the other part of the space. Generally, if you want to chat stay up front, but if you want to listen to the music, go round the corner and find a seat in the back section.


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