Prince Pub

The Prince Pub

The Prince Pub is one of the few surviving old man’s pubs in Glockenbach and the locals are not unused to the odd youngen wondering in of a Friday night. Perhaps, for this reason, the reception is unusually friendly. Wolfgang seems to be the head man of the evening and with his mercifully non-Bayerisch accent (he’s from Hessen) regales us with tales of Munich in the 70s when he first came over. The time of Fassbender and Monaco Franze he tells us as though he’d hung out with them in person.

What’s it like inside

It’s a classically 60s; decked out bar with all wood panelling and open alcoves. The centrepiece is a wrap around bar with plenty of space. A pleasant and very sociable layout that allows you to make eye contact with everyone and is intimate enough to allow people to pitch into our conversation from all corners.

Though careful who you stare at. Some nights in bars like this you can get too much attention for your own good. And too much of drunken rambles

Wolfgang came to München to work for the 72 Olympics and he’s yet to find a better watering hole.


Great cheap selection of drinks
Price of drinks: Cheap!
Chances of practising your German on the locals: 5 stars
Beer: Augustina
Gin and Tonic: Served ‘Englishe Art’ – measured shots as single or double. – Small one is cheap (about 3 euro)

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