Free Museums Munich

Free Museums in Munich

So the bad news is that there aren’t really any totally free museums in Munich.

The good news is that there are many great museums that you can enter for only €1 on a Sunday. And €1 is as good as free. Some of the most popular destinations don’t participate in this scheme – For example the Deutsches Museum and the BMW museum – but nearly all the art galleries do and many others besides.

Here are my top 5 museums to visit for €1 on a Sunday:

1. Pinakothek der moderne – design architecture and modern art

Pinakothek moderne

This is the most accessible of the three Pinakotheks – the alte, neu and moderne. It has something for everyone with an extensive basement devoted to German product designs as well as a variety of fairly popular art, not all conceptual as you might fear. The building is a maze of staircases and halls, centered around and round atrium. It’s an enjoyable building to stroll round and often has free concerts or art events. So if you want a museum with variety and interest, something not too dry, this is probably you’re best €1 best.

2. Museum Brandhorst – Andy Warhol. Cy Twombly


The most recent addition to the Munich art gallery offering, Brandhorst is a striking building that is great to walk round and have a coffee in. The art on offer varies from the popular Andy Warhol to the challenging Cy Twombly (a whole floor of  his colourful splashings) and a few bits and bobs in between. The funkiest of the galleries.

3. Bavarian State Munich


A sprawling mass of collectibles from the early middle ages on. Lots of carved wood, lots of furnishings, some musical instruments and, last but not least, the worlds largest collection of Kripps (Krippen = nativity scenes). The first rooms of medieval religious carvings are the highlight of the whole collection and well worth a euro to see. You wouldn’t do badly to leave it there.

4. Alte Pinakothek

Alte Pinakothek

No doubt the high-art-highlight of Munich. The Alte houses fistfuls of breathtaking masterpieces. Dürer, Rubens, Rembrant, Casper David Friedrich. A vast span from cartoon medieval anarchy to contemplative landscapes. A real art lover would spend their first Sunday euro here.

5. Neue Pinakothek

Neue Pinakothek

World class masterpieces aside, the neue is a great piece of architecture. A joy to wonder around with curiosity-inducing nooks and crannies contrasting with long, alluring lines of sight. The permanent collection is beautifully hung within this space, creating the most pleasant and enjoyable of gallery experiences.

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