Cool things to do in Munich

Cool things to do in Munich

  1. Hang out in Glockenbachviertel


Munich is not known as a great party town or a particularly cool place to be, but Glockenback is its best effort to have fun – and actually, it does a pretty decent job. Though predominantly a residential area, Glochenbach has become the unofficial centre of Munich nightlife and is buzzing of a warm summers night, from Gärtnerplatz southwards.

You do need to know where to go. Many of the best bars are hidden along otherwise quite streets and you wont find them just by wandering around. The Prince Pub is a true locals hangout left behind in this fast gentrifying area and a good + cheap start to your night. Head over to Baadercafe for good food and cool, gentle djs. Next get some after dinner party life at places like Für Freunde, Moroto (if you can find it) or Flaschenöffner. Munich night life is best left there, but if you really want a dance Milla Club is passable.

  1. Cycle


Is there’s a more cyclable city in the world, I haven’t seen one. Munich is crisscrossed with beautiful green corridors that you can wizz along, traffic free. Not least the massive parkland of the broad Isar flood plain. Head up the East Bank and weave in and out of the traffic along Munich’s cycle-highway. Scenes of über-leisure are ever in your peripheral vision and there are lots of great beer gardens to stop at along the way. If you make it far enough, climb up to the Waldwirtschaft beer garden and enjoy free jazz concerts every sunny summers eve.

  1. Go to the Hofbrauhaus


Most people will tell you this is the least cool place imaginable, but I disagree. It is very touristy and it is probably the most clichéd destination in your guidebook and residents complain that the food is rubbish (well that’s true). Despite all this, I love the Hofbrau. It’s a real slice of Bavarian culture that is constantly on tap. Even on a Monday night you will find the band playing to a packed audience of revellers. And they’re not all tourists. Locals do still come here, as do many German travellers. They come because, as well as being the original, it’s still the most authentic, fun and friendly beer hall in town. You always make friends and you always walk away cheerful. It knocks the socks off any other beer hall in Munich – all the rest are just noisy and dull.

  1. Go to import-export


You have to go a long way in Munich to find anything even remotely alternative, and indeed import-export is a little way out of town (10 mins on a tram). It’s at least the second home of a grungy club that puts out a mixed line up of interesting gigs and fun psychedelic clubbing nights. It’s out of town setting leaves it vulnerable to low attendance, but catch it on the right night and the former warehouse feels like the coolest place to be in Munich.

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