Cafe Cord Munich

Cafe Cord Munich

What is it?

A routine staple of Munich life. Nearly everyone has spent too much time in Cafe Cord and yet it is still a nice place to go.

What’s it like inside?

You can have lots of different sort of evenings in café cord, depending on where you sit. There are at least four distinct spaces, all of which have their different charms. It’s such a standard place to meet that an invite to Café Cord seems boring, yet despite having been there many many times, it can still be a fun place to pass an evening.

The main bar downstairs is the best area in the house. It has a great semi-horseshoe bar right bang in the centre, the spiral staircase off to the side and a row of bench-seat intimate tables round the back. The best seat in the house is at that cool bar, where you can watch the waiters at work and stare at the people on the other side, without creeping them out – somehow eye-contact is very easy and friendly across that bar.

Upstairs is often booked out by larger groups and while it can be pleasant in the right corners, is often a bit too loud and stuffy.

The smaller bar with dj on the left-hand side is often too busy and hot, but if you catch it on a not-so-packed-out evening it’s actually a pleasant space to mingle and chat. The quality of the music varies greatly and often I find it too loud.

The fourth and final ‘aspect’ of café cord is the extensive outside patio, where there is a large amount of seating. Of a summers eve, this is a very nice place to enjoy dinner or a few shandys. It doesn’t get much sun because of the buildings all around it, but this can be an advantage on a very hot day.

What are the drinks like?

Good cocktails and gin and tonics. – Tip: Better selection of beers in the main bar

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